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ANJALI EYE CENTRE was founded in June 2007. It is situated in Howrah West Bengal just on the banks of the river Hooghly a tributary of the river THE GANGES (GANGA ). With modest beginnings, the Centre was started with the sole purpose of doing FREE EYE CAMPS and FREE CATARACT SURGERY serving to the poor and the needy patients in and around the district of Howrah.

The centre conducts around 8 FREE Camps every month and operates around 250 patients every month completely FREE OF COST. Till date, the Centre has performed FREE 30 000 cataract surgeries, 1000 glaucoma surgeries more than 1000 pterygium and other minor procedures.

From the very beginning the Centre is also dedicated to teaching young ophthalmologists from India and all over the world the technique of cataract surgery in all forms MSICS and Phaco emusification.

2-3 doctors every month both from India and abroad have visited Our Centre to learn and perfect the art of cataract surgery. We have trained more than 200 Indian doctors and more than 300 international doctors from all over the world from more than 50 countries.

Since this Centre has always been dedicated to serving the needy and also teach the young surgeons the Chief Surgeon and the Founder of this Centre Dr. Sanjay K. Gupta M.D., D.O.M.S. himself personally is in charge of teaching.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta is a highly skilled anterior segment surgeon. He has performed over 20000 phaco surgeries and over 30,000 SICS (small incision cataract surgery). He also does micro phacos (phaconit) and has done over 200 of them. Besides, he does anti-glaucoma surgeries and corneal transplantations. He has a highly trained team of para medical which allows him to perform phaco surgeries at the rate of 6 to 8 cases per hour!! You have to see to believe it!  The hospital also has an entire wing to keep the patients overnight after surgery. They are seen 1 day post operatively and discharged with free treatment. He operates on average around 70 cases per day, but due to an ever increasing flow of patients, on some days it goes as high as one hundred per day. Despite the high volume, utmost priority is given to the quality of surgeries.

His experience of more than 50 000 cataract surgeries has made him the perfect teacher guiding the new surgeons methodically and patiently.

This is what Dr. Sanjay has to say to his future students:

"I congratulate you first of all on being at the doorstep of being a phaco Surgeon.

I would humbly explain to you that conducting FREE EYE CAMPS ( Screening and Operative) have very high costs and to give the best possible training to Doctors, it needs lot of time and patience. I will, at all times, be with you at the OR and you can be rest assured that this is the Best Possible Centre in India where you will get the highest standards of training. We train around 40 Doctors each year and I can assure you that there is not even one who is not satisfied with our training."