Why Choose Us?

We offer you the following advantages over others:

  1. Personalized training from the master eye doc, Dr. Sanjay Gupta who has done over 50,000 surgeries. We believe that surgery is a skill which can be acquired by doing and not watching or reading (which will also form a strong part of training) and skill acquisition comes only with practice.
  2. Flexibility of training program. We are not rigid, unlike other branded institutes. We understand people coming from other countries are making a lot of sacrifices and they do not get long leaves. Moreover, it is quite harsh to leave one's family and stay in a foreign culture. Hence, we will try our best to give you as many cases as we can in as short a time as possible
  3. We have developed a staying facility within the hospital premise which saves our trainees the expense and trouble of daily travel from the hotel to the surgery facility. It has a fully furnished air-conditioned room with all modern amenities and an attached bathroom. We will be serving you home made meals which would be safe and healthy and hopefully provide you a taste of Indian culinary.
  4. We will have a car arranged for you from and to the airport to the Anjali Eye Center and back for no extra charges.

How far is the international airport from Anjali Eye Center?

Around 20 km which is around 45 min drive.

How do I apply for an Indian visa?

We will send you a letter of invitation that you are coming as a tourist. With that, you will have to go to the Indian Consulate and apply for a tourist visa. In our estimate, this is the biggest time-consuming factor. But that is something which we have to take positively in our stride.

Which international flights are convenient?

I often fly from USA. Doctors flying from the Western Hemisphere or Middle East would find Emirates very suitable. Emirates has a rich network to Kolkata. Doctors flying from the eastern hemisphere would find Singapore airlines or Thai airlines convenient. I would recommend the following websites to get the best flight deals: